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Move your Tux

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For your information, an ubuntu forum in France has started a movement
to carry a small stuffed tux around the globe, passed from person to
person, ending up on Linus Torval's desk. (and also to carry a stuffed
gnu around the globe to Richard Stallman)

The discussion forum is here: http://move-your-tux.fr.nf/forum (look at
Announcements >> English)

the website is here: http://move-your-tux.fr.nf it is brand new today
and is really just a placeholder which should be filled out some what in
a few days they say. At the moment the only working link on the site is
the forum

The original french ubuntu forum thread that gave birth to this project
is here: http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=229574&p=1

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