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YAWU Again

admin private message
As you've probably noticed, I've been playing with the website again.

First thing is that anything can be changed to whatever you guys want. If you want any features or you really want the side menu back it's easy to do. Just let me know.

It started as just an upgrade to Tiki Wiki v8 then all the niggling things ganged up on me. I've always wanted a cleaner looking site but I'm a tech, not an artist. One of the things I wanted was to make the site better for people using phones and tablets so all the side modules are gone and there's a new top menu. I still need to play with the text size, my old eyes can't see the site on my phone unless I zoom in.

One of the issues is me trying to keep the administration as easy as possible. Tiki is all open source so all the PHP, HTML, CSS etc. can be changed but if you do that it makes upgrades a nightmare. Now because everything is stock and all the configuration, pictures, etc. are stored in the MySQL database I can delete the whole directory tree that Tiki lives in and replace it with an upgraded version, login to the new site, point it to the database, lock the install files and I'm done. Five minutes to go from one version to another. If the theme CSS is changed, for example, then you have to keep track of what changes you made and where they were made then make those changes in the new files. So I'd prefer to stick with just what Tiki supplies.

Something else missing is the multi-language option. Google analytics shows that over 99% visits are from people using one form of English or another. Also gone is all the bottom icons and advertising. It was distracting and the search engines were indexing them so the top keywords were php, tikiwiki & smarty. Linux, lug and Parksville were down at the bottom of the list.

Also, the theme change box is now at the bottom right and is limited to the default and "Mobile".

Are the menus too simple? If you want more options it only takes a minute to add them back.

One last thing is the "New since your last visit" module. It works fine once you log in, but if you're not logged in it shows an error. Still working on that.

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