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YAWU Again

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Well, Yet Another Website Update. Only a couple of changes this time, but one is a biggie.

First, we are now on TikiWiki 9.1 LTS. Not much difference that I can see so far.

Next is that a few months ago spammers found a way to use a bot to register on the site. Since then I've been getting hundreds and hundreds of e-mails about new registrations. It was too much to deal with, so I just set the site to require an admin to authorize each registration request. This cut down on the number of spammers actually registered, but I was still getting all the e-mails only this time it was for requests to be authorized.

So today I turned off self-registrations completely. On the home page you can see a new link to a page that says to use the "contact us" form to request registration. This is not ideal, but I hope that it will cut down on the work load and kill all the spammers.

If you or someone you know has registered in the last few months I may have deleted your account along with the hundreds of others. Please just re-request an account with the "contact us" button.

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