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Hello to PQLUG!

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I would like to say hello to PQLUG. My name is Mike Perks and I live in Parksville. I am glad to see a LUG here again. I will be at your next meeting and look forward to meeting all of you.

A little about myself.. I'm #33528 on the Linux Counter ( ) so that can tell you how long I have been using it. I run mainly 2 websites that relate to Linux. ReviewLinux.Com - Linux Reviews and News as well as LinuxCDShop.Com. I do both as a hobby and really just break even on everything as I started the sites to get Linux in the hands of people that are bandwidth challenged. 95% of my customers are from the USA as we in Canada are very lucky..

Anyhow I look forward to the meeting..


Mike Perks

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Welcome, Mike, see you at the next meeting.

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I'm Simon, I live in Parksville. I'm currently attending VIU, on my second year of Computer Science. I run a small Facebook Application, I've got around 20 users. The application is built on the stats from
I plan on making it the next meeting, and look forward to meeting everyone.


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Looking forward to meeting you next month, Simon.