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Future Agendas

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Group Lessons:
How Linux works
Command line scripting
Server Administration
Networking (wired, wireless)
Different Flavours of Linux
Other open source OS's
Specialty Applications
Alternate firmware
Work with different file systems: (I.e. Ext3 vs. Ext4, NTFS)
Common troubleshooting: (Effective Searching, Finding support)
Setting up new hardware
Backing up, recovering data, destroying data, secure data storage
How to use secure signing
Gaming on Linux
Application installations from command line, compiling from source

private message Canada
I'm thinking of doing the "How Linux Works," "Different Flavours of Linux," and "Other Open Source OS'" lessons during this coming meeting.

Does this seem plausible? I'm sure I can pare it down to fit in the meeting time, but I wonder if we want to cover any of them in detail.

I could surely spend hours on each of the subjects, but I don't want it to get too dry for those who aren't already advanced users of Linux.

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